"The Friendly Church with a Mission and the Pastor with an Essential Message"


Church School Superintendent
Deacon Clyde Banks
Rev. Robert Roscoe, Acting Supt. (2012)

Community Development Corp. (CDC)
To Be Announced

Culinary Arts
Ida B. Williams

Department of Missions
Paulette Nolan

Eagles Club/Cultural & Performing Arts
Carol Howze, II

Education Ministry
Anita Griggs

Health Ministry
Chiquita Whitfield, BSN, MSN, RN

Junior Nurses
Alicia Curtis

Junior/Young Adult Usher Board
Sabrina Smith

Male Chorus
Timothy Dukes

Mass Choir
Minnie Bartlett

Male Progressive Usher Board
To Be Announced


Mothers' Board
Annie Dees

Nurses' Guild
Ruby Karim

Pastor's Aide Society
Mary Williams

Political Action Committee
To Be Announced

Progressive Usher Board
Jennifer Johnson

Senior Usher Board
Patricia Stewart

Social Concerns Committee
Cora Coleman, MSW

Young Adult/Youth Chorale
LaShawnda Neal

Youth Department
LaShawnda Neal

Willing Workers
Ida B. Williams

Broadcast Hostesses
Mildred Griggs
Marcia Hurst